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Bitter Woods:  Campaign Replay II


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Post Game Analysis
December 16 AM
December 16 PM
December 17AM
December 17 PM
December 18 AM
December 18 PM
December 19 AM
December 19 PM
December 20 AM
December 20 PM
December 21 AM
December 21 PM
December 22 AM
December 22 PM
December 23 AM
December 23 PM
December 24 AM
December 24 PM
December 25 AM
December 25 PM
December 26 AM

Main Site:  Bitter Woods - Online!

"WE MARCH!!!" -- From a letter found on the body of a Waffen SS Private

Avalon Hill's Last Game...

This site is dedicated to documenting a second Series Replay of a Bitter Woods Campaign Game and supporting the BW discussion on ConSimWorld.  In this match, Tom Gregorio's Wermacht take on Randy Heller's GI's.

Comments should be posted on ConSimworld in the Bitter Woods folder; they may also be sent directly to Tom and Randy.


For those of you with ADC2 who wish to follow along with the action,  here is a complete zip file containing the ADC2 Game Files for this Series Replay.  

Game StatusThe game has ended in a tie.

Cross-Links:  Strategy

Site History:  

October 8, 2002:  The offer of a tie was offered and accepted.

October 7, 2002:  Added US 26 AM.

October 6, 2002:  Added German 26 AM.

September 2002:  Completed German 25AM through US 25 PM.

August 2002:  Completed US 23 AM through US 24 PM moves.

July 2002:  Completed German 22 AM through German 23 AM moves.

June 2002:  Completed German 19 PM through US 21 PM moves.

May 2002:  Completed Allied 17AM through Allied 19AM moves.

April 2002:  Created site, Completed German 16AM through German 17AM Moves.

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