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December 17AM


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"Peiper's Rage"

German 17 AM Allied 17 AM  
Ger17AMAdvance.jpg (201265 bytes)Being all too familiar with the 'Triangle Defense' in the North, my Germans start to focus on launching high odds attacks. Randy was able to preserve an air unit for ground support while still ensuring the security of his lines. In the south, I gave up the flank attack on 9/CCR in order to go for the 1/3 chance of something good happening (ENG, FF) vs 28/110. Peiper was used to surround two units, both of which I hope to eliminate during combat. Additionally, I wanted to maintain the threat of Peiper attacking 2/9 with 150 Brigade in reserve to possibly exploit any nice gaps that develop.

I think this turn marks the divergence of philosophies regarding the US defense. Randy has offered up numerous reduced units in order to ensure that the Germans won't get much ground; my approach would be give significantly more ground if necessary to preserve units. (Of course, my prior match against Randy isn't a good example as I chose to aggressively counterattack in order to limit Peiper.) Given the low count of US eliminated units at this point, just ONE, Randy's approach is quite understandable at this point and may prove invaluable in significantly impeding the Wermacht advance. His firm defense against my 7th Army will almost guarantee that 10 Armored division will make it to Bastogne in a timely fashion; Brandenberger is seemingly fully committed to supporting 5th Panzer Army at this point in its drive down the Clervoux-Bastogne axis.

Post Combat Comments:

German attacks eliminated 6 US defenders; an usually high number but 5 of the 6 were surrounded and the sixth was reduced and attacked at 6-1(-2).  The luck quotient was pretty much balanced and the results weren't too extreme.  The US is in a good territorial position but I don't think they can afford another turn like this.  The US 2nd Infantry, an ER 5 division, has broken clear of 6th Panzer Army and will prove invaluable in forming strong points at key defensive junctions.  As Randy surmised, I wasn't willing to risk a step loss with Peiper at this point in the game and I instead used him to help clear out surrounded US units.  I was careful in ensuring that my mech units remained mobile for next turn; I expect to make little progress with 7th Army so I will have to press hard with the other two armies.

Overall, I don't think either side has an advantage yet nor, barring a huge error, do I expect any 'tilt' until 19PM or so when II SS Panzer Corps is able to make its presence felt. 


LQ Rating:  3.55

US17AMMove.jpg (202248 bytes)I confess to not yet having made the paradigm shift I referenced in my introductory notes. Six Allied units destroyed this turn is beyond the norm and cause for concern. I was hoping to see Tom commit some of his forces to an advance up the Monschau-Eupen Road but it was not to be. Peiper probably made the best conservative move by positioning at hex 1208 to ensure two Allied units would have no escape route. The -2 DRM against 99/394 with its 1/6 chance of a DE was too risky considering other losses, so I guaranteed its security with two artillery units and an air committed to its defense. The trade-off was an almost sure elimination of the reduced armored cav in hex 1412. A bright spot was the SU result against the bloody 110th and my confidence that I can keep 7th Army away from Martelange for yet another turn.

My ability to begin to comfortably build a fortification in Bastogne this turn and the location of Longvilly well to the west of the front line indicate that the Germans are territorially behind in this region. On the other hand, I simply must give up some space in the north and try to conserve my units. The biggest threat now is the potential for a Skorzeney infiltration attempt. I recognize that I can shut down this potential with one air interdiction located in hex 1311, and I will make that placement. I would like to release the unit in Herve ASAP, so I will place units in such a location to entice Tom to move adjacent to Malmedy. Battles around Eupen can sometimes become a quagmire, more so for the Germans. If I make the defense too strong, the Germans look elsewhere. I will place a somewhat enticing, but not too weak, defense in front of the town. I would love to have sacrificed a reduced unit to attempt to blow the important bridge at hex 1309, but no such unit exists. Artillery units will be appropriately dispersed to minimize the risk of any outright DE results.

-- Randy

LQ Rating:  2.25 (Two successful bridge demolitons.)


Public Comments:

German Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit

1. 1229: 18 vs 3 @5-1(-1) = 2 = 1 = 1D2 (4.5)

    560/1130r, 352/914, 352/915 to 1330; 28/109 (r) Eliminated.

2. 1824: 28 vs 4 @6-1(-1) = 4 = 3 = 1D1 (4)

    2/2, 2/3 to 1824; 9/CCR reduced to 1925

3. 1727: 5 vs 5 @1-1(-1) = 6 = 5 = SU (4)

4. 0817: 15 vs 3 @4-1(-1) = 4 = 3 = D3 (2)

    62/190, 18/295, 3/9 to 0916; 106/423 Eliminated.

5. 1316: 27 vs 4 @6-1(-2) = 4 = 2 = 1D2 (5)

    18/293 to 1415; Lehr 901 to 1515; Lehr 902, Recon to 1417; 14 Cav (r) Eliminated.

6. 1107: Adj + 402A (41) vs 5 @7-1(-1) = 6 = 5 = D4 (1.5)

    326/753r, 12/48 to 1205; 277/989 to 1206; 277/991,12/89 to 1207; 99/393 Eliminated.

7. 1719: Adj + Air (41), combined arms vs 5 + 174,333A + Air @3-1(-2) = 4 = 2 = D2 (4)

    116/16, 62/164 to 1819; 116/156 to 1719; 116/60, 560/1128 to 1718; 99/394 to 1918

8. 1412: Adj (43) + Air vs 2 + 333A (7) @6-1(-2) = 3 = 1 = 1D3 (2.5)

    12/27, 3/8, 12SS/25 to 1513, 106/424 (r) Eliminated.

9. 1209: SS Panzer Scare = 1 = NO.  Yankee Pride.  (5.5)

10. 1209: Adj (23) vs 2 + 406A (7) @4-1(-1) = 5 = 4 = D2 (2.5)

    277/990 to 1310, 102 Cav (r) Eliminated.