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December 20 AM


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"Montgomery to the Rescue!"

German 20 AM Allied 20 AM  

Ger20AMAdvance.png (247920 bytes)My main goal for this turn is the elimination of the 3 reduced units Randy threw up in front of me.  Out of the remaining six attacks, I hope to at least inflict two or more step losses.  The La Roche bridge was the only one Randy failed to blow last turn - therefore I will try to seize the moment and try to capture both sides of the bridge.  The Wermacht is probably very near its peak combat power as measured by the number of forces it can put into the front lines; in a day or so I will have to start establishing a screen to keep Patton off my southern flank.  (I will also have to start screening in the north as I get by Eupen.)  The bridge SW of Eupen is being rebuilt; in addition to help me put pressure on the far north, it will allow me to get the armor regiment of the 12SS back into the main fray.

Post Combat Summary:  I can't complain about those results.  While the attrition was about as expected, there were some critical advances that will stretch the US defense a little.  Randy took a few chances in order to try save some of the 'lambs' but they didn't pan out.  At this point, the German is way behind the curve in eliminating US units; serious thought will have to be given to 'giving up' the eliminated Allied Units victory condition.


US20AMMove2.png (408842 bytes)The Germans made some respectable headway this turn, particularly in the far South. It is now apparent that I made a minor tactical error in the placement of artillery 406 in hex 1901. I chose not to use it in the defense of U.S. 30/117 in hex 1502 to minimize the chance of a FF or Eng (5/6 chance in my favor). Not only did I lose that battle, but wasted the opportunity to fire those guns as well because they were out of range of any other German attack. As an aside, the current O.B. shows many of my 6-5-4s to be reduced. I value these units more than the 7-4-4 armor units because they have a higher ER, can build Improved Positions, and are more mobile in offroad terrain.

This may be the only turn I can maintain divisional integrity with U.S. Third Armor, and I plan on using it as a major road block to deter German directional movement SW of Verviers. I see that I can maintain the Manhay/Werbomont defense axis for another turn, which speaks well of the Allied defense in the center of the map. Tom is right about the Allied Southern flank; it's fragile. However, judicious placement of Allied artillery will help immensely to weather the continued German assault. Try as I may, I cannot come up with a viable plan to defend St. Hubert due to German flanking units. In fact, I will have to hang a unit out on a bit of a limb to protect the La Roche environs from an attempted Angriff Attack. I admire Tom's willingness to ignore Bastogne. For the time being, it looks profitable. The caveat is Patton and his forces. The deeper Tom shoves in the South, the longer his supply lines stretch.

--  Randy

LQ Rating:  3.11 LQ Rating:  
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German Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit

1502:  Adj + 405A - 326/751(r) (33) vs 6 @4-1 = 1 = 1D1 (1)

    30/117 reduced to 1601.

    12SS/26, 3Pzg/29, 326/752(r) to 1502.

2412:  Adj (33) vs 11 @4-1(-1) = 6 = D1 (6)

    1/16 to 2512

    116/156, 3/5(r), 9SS/19 to 2412

2108:  Adj (54) vs 23 @2-1(-2) = 2 = 1 = D2 (3)

    Hodges, 7/CCR(r), 30/120 to 2307

    2SS/4, 18/295, 150 Brig to 2208,
2SS/2 to 2108,
2SS/3, 12/48 to 2107
12SS/25 to 1809

1906:  52 vs 8 @7-1(-2) = 4 = 2 = 1D3 (2)

2211:  Adj + 388A (24) vs 3 @7-1 (-1) = 5 = 4 = 1D1 (5)

    99/395(r) Eliminated    

    12/27, 3/9(r) to 2211

2819:  Adj + 401A (36) vs 9 @3-1(-1) = 1 = 0 = D4 (2)

    82/505 to 3120

    2/2 to 2920,
    2/304 to 2818

3022:  Adj + 406,766A (45) vs 9 @4-1(-1) = 5 = 4 = D2 (3)

    82/325 to 3221

    Lehr/901 to 3122,
    Lehr/902 to 3023,
    26/39 to 3021

3225:  Adj (20) vs 4 @4-1 = 3 = D3 (3)

    82/504 to 3426

    Lehr/130, 26/77 to 3326,
5/13 to 3325,
62/183 to 3127

3232:  Adj (20) vs 4 @7-1 = 3 = 1D2 (3)

    101/506(r) Eliminated

    26/78, 276/988 to 3332
352/916, 352/914, 276/987 to 3333

Allied Combat

Bridge Demolitions