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December 18 PM


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"Across the Ambleve"

German 18 PM Allied 18 PM  

Ger18PMAdvance.jpg (218001 bytes)Another tough defense.  Randy's positioning pretty much reveals where the dump is and I'm going to go for it.  Skorzeny has two sneak opportunities; the first is to surround the dump defender and the second is to surround Trois Ponts.  Since the dump is more critical at this point, I will send 150 Brigade thataway.  Skorzeny fails his sneak roll but the dump fails to be demolished.  

In order to force the early Allied commitment of air, the Eupen front is reinforced by Fuh Esc with the expectation of a 1-1(-1) attack.  Due to the 3 US units in Parker's Crossroads, I will try to maneuver around that position with the expectation that the US will have to withdraw or face being surrounded in a following turn.  I stay away from the easterly Orthe bridge hex so as to not risk its early demolition.  Trois Pont will be assaulted; it lies at a critical road and bridge junction and I want to make sure that I don't get caught up here.

I commit the armor element of 2nd Panzer to the assault near Martelange - while obviously ensuring that the division won't get the flank ER next turn, I'm hoping to complete the encirclement of Bastogne on the 19th and then reunite the 2nd Panzer.  Losing the ER modifer will be disadvantageous but I'll hopefully have 116th and Lehr available.  

Post Combat Comments:

Despite the best luck I've had so far, as measured by LQ, I'm still somewhat unhappy by the turn's results.  Territorial gains were meager but I can console myself with the fact that I captured a dump and inflicted a few step losses on the US.


US18PMMove.jpg (263167 bytes)Territorial expansion was slowed in the North this turn but at considerable, unforeseen cost. Die rolls started out well for the Allies with a SU at Eupen, but quickly went downhill from there. Two Firefights and a step loss put a sting in the German bite. I'm pleased to see that no attempt to engage hex 1704 was attempted. This will allow me to retain Eupen for at least another turn and build an improved position (IP). Not entirely sure why a panzer regiment was diverted to Martelange. As Tom pointed out, it won't be too difficult to recombine the 2nd Panzer. Although Bastogne may prove to be the roadblock which slows this division down (I hope).

The appropriate defense of Bastogne is always problematic. I want to place 7 total steps in the fortification, to include a leader unit. However, I'm not willing to pull more than one 8-4-4 out of front line action to defend it. All airborne will have to come into play to prevent any deep penetration by a lone German mechanized unit looking for holes. Hex 2622 is an awkward position for a defending armor unit, but I don't think Tom can afford to ignore it if he wants to avoid too easy a bridge demolition attempt or the ability to access the Ourthe River bridges farther West in the follow-up turn. Tom is right; I have to abandon Parker's Crossroads or risk further unit losses. In the North, I will willingly continue the battle for Eupen and build a few IPs. I realize the risk of an Angriff attack vs hex 1908 to surround hex 1706, so I will place a reduced unit in the latter hex to minimize the potential loss. With the upcoming arrival of IISS Pz Corps, the game will enter another phase with an even greater German threat. Too bad my boys on that fuel dump couldn't light their cigars.

-- Randy

LQ Rating:  2.75 LQ Rating:  
Public Comments:

German Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit

2324:  Adj + 408A (46) vs 9/CCR(r) + 174A (9) @5-1(-1) = 5 = 4 = D3 (2.5)

   9/CCR (r) Eliminated.

    5/14 to 2423; 2/2, 2/304 to 2322; 212/316 to 2422;

    62/183, 26/77 to 2524; 116/16, 212/423 to 2425

1503:  Adj + 405A (54) + Air vs (22) + 190,406A + Air @1-1(-1) = 6 = 5 = SU (5)

1910:  Adj + 402A (45) + Combined Arms vs 5 + 333A (10) @5-1(-1) = 1 = 0 = 1D3 (1)

   99/395 reduced, retreats to 2108.

1706:  Adj (25) vs 6 + 187A (11) @1-1 = 3 = FF (1)

   30/119 reduced.

   277/991 reduced.

2012:  Adj (31) + Air vs 10 + 402A (15) @3-1(-1) = 6 = 5 = FF (1)

   28/112 reduced.

   3/9 reduced.

2432:  Adj (32) vs 8 @3-1(-1) = 5 = 4 = CA (6)