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December 17 PM


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"A Determined Defense"

German 17 PM

Ger17PMAdvance.jpg (211777 bytes)Randy's defense certainly put the 'bitter' into these woods.  

I couldn't find any opportunities to exploit and thus had to resort to head-on assaults.  For the most part, I try to achieve 4-1(-2) odds in order to have a 50% chance of eliminating a unit.  Both of Randy's air units were committed to interdiction which allowed me to ensure that my attack with the 1SS Panzer would not face a possible ENG result.  Skorzeny goes into Malmedy and I suspect that this will force the US to defend carefully in that area.  I am way behind schedule in the South and need to play catchup quickly.  (During the exploitation phase, I bring Brandenberger back into the heart of the 7th Army area; he won't be able to add much to 5th Panzer Army's efforts.)  5th and 6th Panzer Army's seem to be making ground but the US defense is a little too 'thick' for my liking  Any time I see the US being able to defend with stacks outside of VP hexes, I think to myself that something isn't going right.  =)

The combat results were unkind; in fact, the worst results so far as measured purely by LQ.  I feel fortunate to have eliminated two Allied steps, otherwise the turn was a relative bust.  Next turn should be interesting as I try to pry open the roads to the Meuse before the US flood of reinforcements make their presence felt.

--  Tom

Allied 17 PM  

US17PMMove.jpg (201336 bytes)Tom's disappointment with the combat results proves that "the grass is always greener on the other side." Although no Allied units were outright eliminated, I did take major hits on two of my strongest units. I am most grateful for the SU combat result on Vielsalm because the defending unit will be sorely needed to shore up the river-line defense. The lack of a German mechanized exploitation threat in the far South made defense a little easier for me in that area. My inability to entice Tom to attack up the Monschau/Eupen Road, which would draw off a good part of his offensive strength, is proving a bit frustrating.

Tom is absolutely right. The presence of Skorzeny in Malmedy makes the defense in the immediate vicinity very tricky. I want very much to defend the hex 1607-1610 forest line but run the risk of getting two units trapped with a successful Skorzeny "sneak." There are two important bidges I would like to destroy this turn - those at Salmchateau and hex 1610. I feel comfortable with my defenses at Noville, Bastogne, and Martelange. The North is another story. A good part of 7th Armor seemed slightly out of position at the start of my turn. I would have liked to defend in hex 1813, but that would have been a prime target for a Skorzeny flanking maneuver. How Tom approaches the hidden fuel depot is highly problematic. If he gets bold and moves weak infantry next to it, he will trigger a perhaps early destruction attempt, allowing the Allies a second attempt to smoke it should the first attempt fail. I'm going to try an air interdiction so often successfully used by my good friend, John Grant. I will shut down the road net leading into Houffalize with judicious placement of my two air units. I know both Tom and I are anxiously awaiting the results of the 18AM Random Event. I hope to see something really atrocious.

--  Randy

LQ Rating:  4.0 LQ Rating:  3.17  (2 out of 3 bridges destroyed.)
Public Comments:

German Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit

1730:  Adj (30) vs 5 @5-1(-1) = 5 = 4 =D3 (5)

    28/110  to 2028

    5/13, 212/320, 352/915 to 1730; 26/39 to 1929

2024:  Adj + 766A + Air (48) vs 9/CCA + 174A (12) @4-1(-2) = 2 = 0 = 1D2 (2)

    9/CCA(r) to 2224

    2/304, 26/77, 212/316 to 2124; 212/423, 5/14 to 2024; 2/3 to 2025

2018:  Adj (50) vs 5 + 402A @4-1(-2) = 6 = 4 = D2 (6)

    99/394 to 2116

    Lehr 901 to 2119; Lehr Recon to 2018; Lehr 902 to 2017

1916:  Adj (13) vs 12 @1-1 = 5 = SU (5)

1612:  SS Panzer Scare = 1 = NO.  (Bravehearts.) (5.5)

1612:  Adj (50) vs 5 + 187,333A @4-1(-2) = 6 = 4 = D2 (6)

    99/395 to 1811

    12SS/25, 18/294, 3/9 to 1713

1507:  SS Panzer Scare = 5 = YES.  (Cluck-cluck!) (1.5)

1507:  Adj (44) + Air vs 12 + 406A @3-1(-2) = 1 = -1 = 1D1 (1)

    2/38 reduced; 2/38(r), 2/9 to 1606

    1SS/1 to 1506; 1SS/2, 326/753r, 12/48 to 1507


Allied Demolitions:

1. 1917 (1-3) = 2 = Boom! (2)

2. 1712 (1-4) = 4 = Boom! (2.5)

3. 1610 (1-3) = 4 = Fizzle. (5)