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December 24 PM


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"The Panthers are Burning."

German 24 PM Allied 24 PM  

Ger24PMAdvance.png (409401 bytes)Randy didn't leave me a lot to work with. A sacrifical unit was left in Dinant that I have to try for; with no less than 20 artillery factors within range it will require a significant committment of force to ensure victory. As in the prior turn, I will be moving more units up to the big river so as to force yet more thinning of the US line. Randy's interdiction in 4811 ensures that my advance on Namur will be delayed YET another turn! Monty is in between Givet and Dinant which ensures that his leadership aura will be 'felt' at the critical section of the battlefield. No US attacks which was a blessing as the next four US rolls, 1's, were applied against US bridge demolitions.

More ugly attrition as three German mech steps are burnt up.  Yvoir holds but Dinant is finally cleared.  The 7th army screen is particularly thin but the Wermacht is confident that the US forces delayed in the south are going to be heading for the Meuse and not go for joy ride in the German rear.

-- Tom

US24PMMove.png (241444 bytes)Some really peculiar combat results this turn. Four attacks and no 5's or 6's with three attrition die rolls. Second turn in a row that the Germans win a 1-1(-1). The upside for the Allies is that they can hold on to Yvoir for at least another turn. The downside for the Allies is that they lose three more steps (four if 80/318 had stood its ground). At this point, we have a battle of attrition where the Germans can afford to lose steps but can't afford the time

I continue to walk the wire in my attempt to keep the German Player from crossing the Meuse River. Somehow, the incoming reinforcements are just enough to present Tom with a reasonable defense. I will sacrifice a reduced "Rail Splitter" in front of Namur. This will probably be the last time I will sacrifice a unit East of the Meuse. U.S. 2nd Armor now swings into a flank position next to Patton's 4th Armor, which will give me a length of six hexes with a nice defensive DRM. All Allied Leaders are right up in the front to spread their range as effectively as possible to shout "stand fast" when needed.

-- Randy

LQ Rating:  3.25  LQ Rating:   N/A (No combat, no demolitons.)
Public Comments:

German Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit

4814:  All Adj + 401A+ Air (55) vs 8 + 406,190,187 A + Air (23) @2-1(-2)
    = 4 = 2 = D1* (Standfast) (4)
    5/CCR(r) reduced
    12SS/25 reduced

4717:  All Adj (66) vs 4 + + 333,402A @4-1(-2) = 3 = 1 = 1D1  (3)
    75/289(r) Eliminated
    Brandenberger, 62/183, 15/115, 116/60(r) to 4717

5020:  All Adj + 408A (50) vs 22 + 193A + Air (27) @1-1(-1) = 2 = 1 = D1* (2)
    26/328 Reduced
    9SS/20 Reduced

4924:  All Adj + Air (40) vs 5 + 203A + Air (10) 3-1 = 3 = D1* (4)
    3PzG/29 Reduced
    26/39, 15/104, 3PzG/29(r) to 4924

US Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit

Bridge Demolitions: