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December 22 PM


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"The Nut Cracker."

German 22 PM Allied 22 PM  
Ger22PMAdvance.png (197436 bytes)The Germans make an important decision:  The Wermacht will commit to a maximum strength assault on Marche!  Taking this town will set me up for the draw victory condition; without it OKW would have to go for the breakout over the Meuse or else face certain defeat.  More and more, I've come to the conclusion that Bastogne is unnecessary.  You don't need it to win and any forces committed to its capture are 'lost' for several turns.  As the US, I'd be sorely tempted to not garrison EITHER Bastogne or Marche - luckily that's not a decisions I've had to make!

Key factors behind the decision to attack Marche this turn include:

bulletThe ability to muster 4-1 odds or greater against the fortified town.
bulletIf I didn't attack the town, a lot of German factors would be 'wasted' due to the effective screen of reduced 'pickets' the US Army has placed in the path of my westwards advance.
bulletA desire to 'centralize' my mechanized force.  From a central position, I can threaten almost any part of the US front.
bulletAnd, perhaps most importantly, I have a force poised to move south that can deal with Patton.

Post Combat Summary:  The 1D2 result against Marche was most welcome.  I can now be assured of high odds against Marche next turn without having to commit *all* my elite units.  The three US regimental pickets were overrun.  A good turn overall, despite my being stymied in the north to some degree.  The arrival of US airpower next turn will be unwelcome but I don't thing US air superiority will be decisive for another few turns.

-- Tom

US22PMMove.png (361353 bytes)My abysmal misfortune in the far South continues as I lose the town of Sugny on a 1-1 attack. For once, an Engaged there would have been welcome. I didn't expect Tom to muster 130 combat factors against Fortress Marche, but in hindsight it was well worth it for the German cause. Even so, I had a 50/50 chance of limiting my step losses to two or less. I'm looking forward to the return of air power, which will only be partially offset by iced ground.

Tom's uncanny ability to press forward in the South leaves me little choice but to bring in U.S. Third Army at Charleville-Mezieres. The Germans are stretching the Allied line, and I must try to limit his potential Meuse River crossings. I doubt Tom will risk a follow-up 4-1 at Marche, but this still means 50 German combat factors released for the drive West. Ciney is a bit of a dilemma for me. I don't want to give it up because it's a key road net location. On the other hand, I don't want to defend it with too many units because it can easily be surrounded. I'm pleased to be able to build a couple of improved position on the east bank of the Meuse River this turn. The use of an air interdiction will allow me to defend the town of Ohey in strength. Tom's fear that the Allies will build fortifications in Liege will also be realized.

-- Randy

LQ Rating:  3.38 LQ Rating:  
Public Comments:

German Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit


3008:  22 vs 3 @7-1 = 3 = 1D2 (2.5)

    30/119(r) Eliminated
    326/753(r), 212/316, 3/9(r) to 3108
4016:  16 vs @6-1 = 5 = D3 (2.5)
    101/501(r) Eliminated
    9SS/19, 62/164 to 4115
    Manteuffel, 560/1128, Lehr/130(r) to 4117
4626:  25 vs 4 @6-1 = 6 = D2 (4.5)
    82/325(r) Eliminated
    Lehr 902 to 3728
    Lehr Recon to 4625
    Brandenburger, 5/15, 212/423 to 4726
3407:  26 vs 8 + 187A @2-1(-1) = 4 = 3 = CA (5)
2905:  54 (Adj) vs 16 + 179,190A @3-1(-2) = 5 = 3 = D1* (4)
    10/CCA to 3004

    150X reduced

    12SS/26, 277/989 to 2905
4930:  22 vs 4 + 402A @1-1 = 5 = SU (4)
4832:  8 vs 8 @1-1 = 1 = D1* (2)
    82/505 to 4933
    26/77, 276/987 to 4832
Marche: 130 (Adj + 766A) vs 26 @5-1 = 1 = 1D2 (2.5)
    28/110(r) Reduced
    82/508 Eliminated

Allied Combat

Bridge Demolitions