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December 23 AM


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"Patton gets busy."

German 23 AM Allied 23 AM  
Ger23AMAdvance.png (260896 bytes)Only three (!?) attacks were made: Celles, Ciney, Marche. I expect all to go off at 4-1(-2) or better. In the north, I sidle in towards the river. In the south, I just set up a defensive screen and start a rush with the flankers who were previously screening Patton.

In the center, I expect to be able to call on almost 200 factors to strike at whatever targets Randy gives me. I believe we're moving into the endgame now; I now longer really want ENG results and I can only mass at 2 or 3 points if I wished to be assured of progress. December 24th will be particularly scary - seven US air units is frightening to think about!

Post Combat Summary:  The Germans couldn't have done much better:  They are but two hexes from the western branch of the Meuse!  Three more steps were eliminated from Marche, ensuring it's fall next turn.  The armor screen was eliminated, and the advance against the British armor ended up surrounding a US artillery unit.  At least 50 more factors will be released into the center next turn as the final stragglers in Marche are swept up...

Interestingly, this is probably the first turn the US probably has had where a critical combat decision needs to be made.  There are at least three opportunities for SHAEF to examine, each with its own hazards.  Choosing any one of them would probably require forgoing the other two opportunities.  I actually spent the time playing out some of the 'maximum' US counter-attacks and believe that the big battles could go horribly awry for either side with significant repercussions on the rest of the board.  OKW would love to grind down the US on the East side of the Meuse! For now, though, the Wermacht is digging in...

"You gotta ask yourself, Patton, 'Do you feel lucky'?"

-- Tom

US23AMMove.png (319532 bytes)IMO these were the best combat results for the attacker since the successful Angriff Attack in front of Eupen. Regardless of my awareness of the change in weather, I did not properly deploy for possible German advances. In addition to the "speed bump" results at Fortress Marche, Tom earned two big 1D3 and 1D4 advances in the center which trapped two more Allied units, to include a valuable artillery unit (only the second time in the game that I put one in harms way). Enough crying in my soup; time to recover the situation.

I need to keep the German forces away from the Meuse River bank for another turn so that I can bring the full weight of Allied Air Power into play. This will ncessitate sacrificing the reduced Br 11/29 brigade, which performed so poorly at Celles. Tom will have to set his mechanized forces in a purposeful direction because I will have enough air interdiction to prevent easy lateral shifts. I see no point in weakening my southern flank at this time only to have Tom shift any mechanized forces back in that direction. The bridge at hex 4718 MUST be blown to be able to build the all important improved position in hex 4817 (1-4 die roll needed). As Tom undoubtedly knows, he has to capture a Meuse River bridge to be able to cross his armor. With an available air unit, and my most powerful armor division entering the map, I can't resist the temptation to sting part of 12SS sitting in light woods terrain.


-- Randy

LQ Rating:  1.66 (Wow!) LQ Rating:  4.3 (Yuch.)
Public Comments:

German Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit

Marche:  80 (Adj) + German air vs 16 @5-1 = 5 = D3 (2.5)
    Ridgeway, *28/110 Eliminated, 9/CCB Reduced

Celles:  58 (Adj) + German air vs 14 + US air @4-1(-2) = 1 = -1 = 1D3 (1)
    11/29 reduced, retreated to 4718
    Brandenburger, 2SS/2, 2SS/3, GD/Fuh Escort to 4618
    2SS/4 to 4519
    Lehr 902, 560/1129, 5/15 to 4417
    560/1128 to 4419

Ciney:  40 (Adj) vs 8 @4-1(-2) = 1 = 1D4 (1.5)
    7/CCB (r) Eliminated
    3/8 to 4212
    5/14 to 4413
    2/2, 2/304, 2/3 to 4415
    Lehr/130(r), Manteuffel to 4315

US Combat

Red = Outcome (LQ Rating)   Blue = German unit   Green = Allied Unit

2nd Arm, 187, 406 (36) + Air  vs 12SS/26 (7) @7-1(+1) = 4 = 5 = D4 (5.5)

Bridge Demolitions:

5029 = 4 = Boom! (2.5)

4718 = 4 = Boom! (2.5)

3204 = 5 = Fizzle. (5.5)

3001 = 5 = Fizzle. (5.5)